“J” appears to represent “special cases of batchloaded records” that have been “deleted by the institution that created them.” “British Libr. Group Batchload” created the record, so they must have been responsible for entering the “J.”

Deleted from what is the question—perhaps in this case the “J” is only stating local BLGB practice. The record appears normal in the LC shelflist.

This is what happens when Martha Watson’s advice (below) is ignored.  ☺

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I'm thinking that "J" is withdrawn from LC, but not from OCLC or the CONSER database.   Isn't that it?   "J" for them; anything you want it to be for you?


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According to bib formats<>, encoding level "J" is for a deleted record. But see OCLC# 857110256 (Origins of Palestinian art, 2013) has an 042 lcccopycat, an lccn (2014453369<tel:%282014453369>), and 128 holdings attached to it. I can't find any other records for this work in OCLC. Can anyone explain why the encl is set to J, and would it be possible for a BIBCO library to recode it to Blank?

The last edit to this record (of course I have no idea what it could have been) was performed on Feb. 2nd, 2016.

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