This is the relevant excerpt from the SACO meeting

"Film terms based on artistic movements

This list included proposals to cancel the terms Expressionist films,
Feminist films, and New wave films. Through consultations with
stakeholders, it was determined that movements like Expressionism and
Impressionism are often defined after the fact, that the terms referring to
them are difficult to assign consistently, and that some creators reject
those types of labels even as scholars categorize their work in that way.
Further, styles that may seem cohesive and even obvious to a generalist may
actually be quite diverse in ways that are clear only to scholars in the
field. The meeting has therefore determined that the problems associated
with their use are outweighed by the possible benefits; terms based on
movements are ineligible for LCGFT."


Netanel Ganin

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On Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 2:31 PM, Wilson, Pete <[log in to unmask]>

> Our authorities coordinator tells us that two LCGFT authority records have
> been deleted:
> Feminist films
> New wave films
> We’re confused.  Presumably there is a philosophy in place that says these
> don’t work as genre/form headings.  I’m thinking there’s an easy answer I’m
> missing.  What is it?
> Thanks!
> Pete Wilson
> Vanderbilt University