The concrete proof is that the instruction to add Selections is, which is part of the preferred title instructions (6.23.2).  Preferred title for the work is a work attribute.  Expressions do not have preferred titles in RDA.  So in MARC, you add $k Selections after $a Bible just like you would when using "Selections" for a non-religious work with no creator like in this English expression of selections of Arabian nights: $a Arabian nights. $k Selections. $l English.
If you are interested in the historical background on the treatment of "Selections," see 6JSC/LC rep/2 and 6JSC/LC/20 and available here:

Kate James
Policy and Standards Division
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I would appreciate guidance on the following:

Is Selections considered a Work level attribute in RDA and consequently in Bible headings should it come immediately after the $a or $a and $p, by that I mean before any $l, $s or $f?

I've looked at RDA and the NACO participants manual and various presentations/documents and whilst my instinct tells me yes I'm unable to find concrete proof.

With thanks in advance for any guidance,

Fiona Grant
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