Good afternoon Folks:

I have a case here that involves a pseudonym and may invoke the full
implied force of RDA but I should check before requesting

n  79123172  Law, John, $d 1854-1923
nb2007013259 Harkness, Margaret, $d 1854-1923

Magaret Harkness wrote under her own name and under the pen name John
Law.  It seems that ealier editions of thew work in hand, A city girl,
simply had John Law as the responsible party, though the in-hand
publication has John Law (Margaret Harkness), which seems to meet the
inconstancy criteria of  It's difficult to say for certain,
but one gets the impression that most everything she wrote as John law
is now given the statement of responsibility John Law (Margaret

The Crichton qualification:  the classic example of an author with
multiple pen names is Michael Crichton, whose authority record has a
very interesting 667: "Michael Crichton wrote 8 novels and 2 short
stories under the name John Lange; these have been reissued with the
statement "Michael Crichton writing as John Lange"; per RDA
the  authorized access point for these works is Michael Crichton. The
alternate identity authority record for John Lange has been
deleted--LC-PSD, August 14, 2014."

As is, states unequivocally that any works with
responsibility split between one author's true name and pen name
should be entered under the true name: not Law, John, [dates]. $t City
girl ..., rather  Harkness, Margaret, [dates]. $t City girl ... .The
Crichton qualification takes this to its logical conclusion, but isn't
stated explicitly in RDA so far as I can tell.

My question to you all: a record for Harkness and Law, or one record
where Law is a cross reference to Harkness?



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