So you have, once again, expressed your low opinion of librarians, yet you can't see why we want a separate list...?

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My comments about librarians were not based on ignorance, but simply based on my personal experience. I spent over 30 years working in libraries. 

I don't see the situation to be insulting to anyone. For me, it is just a result of the educational process, and, what I see, to be a myopic perspective on the profession. I fault the educational process. If you like, I can share with the list some examples of how the ignorance of the value of content was so outrageous that it would seem appalling to any music lover and scholar. 

In all of my years working in libraries, I was able to work with and for, some librarians who had a sincere appreciation and understanding of content. Unfortunately, they were, in my experience, the exception. Yet, I never encountered a library school trained professional who had the foggiest notion of the technical aspects of preservation. I would love to hear of some exceptions.
I found Dr. Biel's comments to be most appropriate. It seems to me that the desire to have a separate list to be a perfect expression of the situation as I see it. 

Consider the fact that the head of the music collection at the Library of Congress has no formal training in music.

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 I have been on ARSCList since 2004, and have always noticed the lower rate of participation from the librarian/archivist population versus the collector/technical end. I've subscribed to the new list, but for the sake of having fewer mailing lists to subscribe to, I'd prefer if there was just one. The splitting of the membership into two doesn't make much sense to me.

I agree with Wendy that some of the attitudes that are displayed toward the library folks regarding their alleged lack of knowledge about content of sound recordings is, frankly, appalling, ignorant, and insulting, and all the more reason to keep a single ARSCList.

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