In February, I hosted a panel at the Folk Alliance Intl. conference, titled ď21st Century Archives.Ē  The audio of this session is now available.

We focused on the real world issues facing artists and presenters of what to do with the torrent of digital media thatís created with 
every live event or record production project.  The discussion ranged beyond audio,  and included book publishing and memorabilia. 

Panelists were Steve Szymanski of Planet Bluegrass, Mary Muse of Kerrville Folk Festivals, Nashville producer/engineer Bil VornDick, and a real-life archivist, Kate Blalack of the Woody Guthrie Center.

Follow this link to a blog post about the session, and from there you can get the audio in Soundcloud. A PDF of Kateís wonderful Powerpoint is there, as well as a collection of links to great resources on the topic.

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