BB is currently out of town and I'm home ill/teleworking. The GHE team will have a thorough discussion early next week and will brief Library staff.

From: Blum, Tim[CTR]
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2016 6:05 PM
To: Everingham, Michael; Balakrishnan, Bhaskaran; Lazorchak, William
Cc: Bijou, Michael
Subject: GHE Status

Hello all,

The following is the current state of the GHE Project:

Https:\\\ghe is available for users to access and make products.

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Just fixed some webadaptor issues that noticed - need to get automated testing in place (Jenkins) to identify these issues before users experience service issues.

Older webmaps still work:
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Because the webmap stores URLs that directly go to the web-adaptor end point (EX: the only problem is that it does not update the portal's internal id for the for the items that have already been added so if reconfiguration is needed the layer will have to be re-added.

Today I reinstalled GHE components on loctest and working on automation of configuration. The thought being, instead of incurring the issues related to cloning we will use scripts to fully install and configure GHE components to eliminate human error as much as possible and ensure a consistent product.

Tomorrow I hope to have the Staging system setup. Chip Condit has allocated some time to help resolve any issues we encounter.

After Loctest and staging systems are setup I'll start testing alternate component configurations on LOCTEST. Some of the recommendations that ESRI provided will permanently break the URLs recorded in the Portal mapping products. To mitigate the impact of I'll have to develop a script to remap the layers to the new URLS and ID to the new items. This methodology is not supported by ESRI and will require a significant amount of testing before implementation.

After a configuration is confirmed and approved the changes will be replicated in Staging. Because the configuration change ESRI proposed will alter GHE's security boundary we will need to get the system rescanned (staging) and approved using the CM process.

We will need to schedule a production deployment date with respect to user deliverables. During deployment the GHE components will be reconfigured and the migration scripts will be run against the production products. Post deployment we will return any unused VMs, certs, etc to ESE for reuse.

Hope this clarify things.

Thank you for your patience,

Tim Blum: GHE
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COR: Michael Everingham
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