I was at conference on Advanced Geo-Computation in the Physical Sciences at Columbia University this weekend that focused on open source data and reproducibility of GIS research…there was a really interesting paper given, which I thought you all might be interested in, and that appeared in the latest International Journal of Geographical Information Science, called, “Establishing a Framework for Open Geographic Information Science.”…


It was amazing to see how the non-reproducible methods, in other words the use of non-open sourced and commercially licensed are affecting the reliability and believability of GIS analysis…..  here we see an instance where geospatial data archiving and deep meta-data preservation are important in later judging the reliability of research and its later reproducibility….


I attach a copy for you reading pleasure….




John Hessler, FRGS

Curator, Jay I. Kislak Collection of the Archaeology and History of the Early Americas

Specialist in Modern Cartography and Geographic Information Sciences


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