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Here are the latest datasets I’ve added to the GHE:



-          LeadDog_2015_ChinaCounties

o   Detailed county boundaries for China, with province names in attributes (NOTE: Check names with GNS)

o   Source: LeadDog Consulting

-          LeadDog_2015_ChinaHydrology

o   Very detailed inland water polygons and polylines, rectangular areas around major cities have detailed polygons showing urban canals. Also includes generalized South China Ocean boundary from 2009, with layer “consisting of data from the Chinese government submitted to the UN detailing dotted line boundaries of these waters.” Given the perspective of the data and generalized nature, South China Ocean boundary should perhaps be used cautiously.

o   Source: LeadDog Consulting

-          State_2015_IllicitCrops

o   Contains “areas surveyed for illicit crop cultivation worldwide by CIA’s Illicit Crops Cell.” For Official Use Only.

o   Source: CIA, via State Department



-          NOAA_2015_HydroBoundaries

o   Global shoreline boundary data from the “Global Self-Consistent, Hierarchical, High-Resolution Geography” (GSHHG) database. Shoreline data broken down by boundary type and resolution level, which could be particularly useful in use for web maps (see metadata for details). Authored by researchers connected with NOAA, fusing together World Vector Shorelines and CIA World Data Bank II public domain databases.

o   Source: NOAA

o   URL: http://www.soest.hawaii.edu/pwessel/gshhg/


If you have any questions, just let me know.


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Tim St. Onge


Geography and Map Division

Library of Congress


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