Very cool! Thank you for sharing this, Mary.


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It was great to see everyone in DC this week!

During the discussion of LAL on Tuesday I mentioned that we use an online tool to let teachers/parents/whoever subscribe themselves to our LAL announcements and several people asked me to share the details on that.


Here is how I do it:

·        I maintain a blog (mine happens to be on blogger, but any blog platform would work) where I publish announcements about LAL (and other things). The LAL announcements all have a “Letters About Literature” label (some blog platforms call them tags or topics) attached. (See for an example)

·        I have an account set up with Feedblitz ( through which I have set up a feed/newsletter of the posts to my blog that have the “LAL” label on them. This costs me $9.95 per month based on the fact that I have between 100 &499 email subscribers in total. There is also a cheaper  annual pricing option which I plan to switch to (that wasn’t available last time I went to the main feedblitz page)  I use the account for other project feeds as well, but the price is based on active email addresses in my list and how many different feeds I have set up doesn’t matter. Feedblitz has lots of other functionality I don’t use, including (I think) a way you can generate your messages without having a blog they come from.

·        On my LAL web page ( I have a subscription box where folks can sign up to get the latest LAL news. The subscription page you get to if you click the “subscribe” link was created through Feedblitz (I added the question about the library, you don’t have to have any questions if you don’t want them) and the archive of posts (a link from the bottom of the subscription page) is automatically created by feedblitz.

·        I can see all my feed activity by logging into my Feedblitz account and I have it set so that whenever someone adds or deletes their address I get an email message about it. What you get notified about when is pretty customizable as I recall. I set it up years ago and haven’t messed with it since.

·        I include info about signing up for the “latest NH LAL news” in most of my LAL communications (as I did in the blog post linked above)


I hope this is useful to some of you and would be happy to answer any follow-up questions.




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