It would be helpful to have more information on the use of bf:mainTitle as opposed to rdfs:label.


The Titles specification ( uses both in the examples.  Specifically, examples 2-5 use bf:mainTitle to hold the title string.  It seems that examples 1 and 6 could as well.  The definition of bf:mainTitle is quite broad:  “Title being addressed. Possible title component”.


Alternate Example 1:


bf:title [

a bf:Title , bf:WorkTitle ;

bf:mainTitle "Reflexive interpreters and autobiographical texts" ] .



Alternate Example 6:


bf:title [

a bf:Title , bf: VariantTitle ;

bf:mainTitle “Chartbook on aging” ;

bf:variantType “spine “ ] .



What are the criteria for using bf:mainTitle vs. rdfs:label?