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Several weeks ago the show CBS NEWS This Morning spent the day filming in the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress and interviewing me about what they termed "The Future of Cartography". The piece, which I have not seen yet, is tentatively scheduled to air later this week on Saturday, May 2, on the CBS News show, "This Morning". It'll be in the second hour of the show. In Washington, the CBS affiliate delays the broadcast an hour, so in the DC market it airs 8a-10a. Nationally, it typically airs 7a-9a.

The show went to several locations to film, including University of Wisconsin, to talk about the popularity of their cartography/GIS major (apparently all the classes are always filled), and NYPL's Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division, to talk about their digital humanities program and the public use of GIS. Here in G&M we showed a number of historic maps, including the Aztec Oztoticpac Map, some early Ptolemaic atlases, and a few others, and I discussed the changing face of cartography, dynamic mapping, and the use of big data. The piece is about 7 minutes long (which is huge by network standards) and in which the Geography and Map Division features prominently.

They are going to do a full social media program and web section on the piece....I will send the links around when they appear.

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