Butch....don't you need the web adapter in order to host web applications in the portal....?


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Subject: GHE planning to re-federate servers at 1PM
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The configuration changes happening at 1:00pm today will involve re-federating arcgis server sites with the Staff Portal. 

The GHE team, under the advice of Esri Professional Services, have determined that the Web Adaptors currently in place in the GHE system are likely unnecessary. This will result in a leaner GHE, under the idea that less components is better. 

Because the Staff Portal services were going through the Web Adaptors, the re-federation will invalidate all existing services on the Staff Portal. 

From Esri's support site:

"When you federate a server with your portal, the portal's security store controls all access to the server. This provides a convenient sign-on experience, but also impacts how you access and administer the federated server. For example, when you federate, any users, roles, and permissions that you previously configured on ArcGIS Server services are no longer valid." (

This step should bring the GHE into proper configuration and hopefully will be the last time re-federation of this sort is necessary. 

Please call me ASAP if you have questions or challenges with this change. 

Thanks for all your support. 

Butch Lazorchak
IT Project Manager
Geospatial Hosting Environment project
Library of Congress
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