The SDE Connection File Distribution script is one of the scripts we mentioned would be up and running by the end of the week. A critical piece of the script was disabled by actions taken to address the GAO IT audit, and we are currently in the process of testing a newer version using an alternative method. Testing should be resolved by the end of tomorrow, and when completed, the rollout should be automatic, with no further action required.


Apologies for the confusion from the meeting! It seems I may have missed that bit of the meeting, otherwise I would have addressed it then. The new system should work smoother, be a bit faster, and should work without user intervention.





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From today’s GHE SME Meeting, I understand that the SDE database connections in ArcCatalog should be in the form of: “ghsp-rap-0116-1.sde” (not sure about the full name), but my connections are missing the BOLD part  - see below:

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Please advise as to the actions that I must take…




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