*RDA Cataloging News and RDA Bibliography*

RDA Cataloging News and RDA Bibliography is a compilation of News, Events,
Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Training, Articles, Books, Presentations,
Videos, Workshops, Training, Web Articles, Blog Posts, Reviews Etc. on Resource
Description and Access <>
 (RDA <>), Anglo-American
Cataloging Rules
<> (
AACR2 <>),
MARC21, Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records
), Functional Requirements for Authority Data
), Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Data
), Subject Cataloging
Descriptive Cataloging, BIBFRAME (Bibliographic Framework), Linked Data,

RDA Cataloging News is an initiative by RDA Blog
<>. It combines the
entries of RDA Bibliography <> and
also items on Subject Cataloging. Please suggest entries to be included
in RDA Cataloging News (preferably through RDA Cataloging
<> - Google+
Community on Resource Description and Access
<> (RDA
<>) or by any other means
of your wish).

This issue of RDA Cataloging News
the period October 4, 2015, to May 2016. We are trying to make this a
quarterly publication appearing in January, April, July, and October.



   - News

   Events / Workshops / Seminars / Conferences / Training / Etc.
   - Web Articles / Blog Posts

   - Books
   - Presentations
   - Thesis
   - Videos

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