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If A and B merged to form C, then:

"component of merger" is the relationship between A and C and also between B and C; reciprocally, C is the "product of merger' to A and B.
"mergee" is the relationship between A and B, and reciprocally between B and A.

However, I recall this was discussed on the list a couple of years ago. The PCC Guidelines on Using Relationship Designators in NACO Authority Records (February 2014), guideline 8,
instructed as follows: 

Exception: Until further notice, do not use the Appendix K relationship designators “Mergee” or “Product of a merger.” The relationship designators “Predecessor” or “Successor” may be used instead.

At the time this was written, "component of merger" was not yet available (it was added in April 2014), which is probably part of the reason the exception existed, as it was then unclear whether "mergee" was serving as both the relationship beween A and C and between A and B.

So, does anyone know whether PCC has revisited this exception yet?

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Hi all,


I assume that I am just having a dense morning, but I’m confused about which relationship designator to use for some authority records I am creating.  I have a case of Corporate Body A and Corporate Body B who merged to form Corporate Body C.  Corporate Body C is the “product of merger,”  but are Corporate body A and Corporate Body B “component of merger” or “merge” relationships?  The definitions follow.


component of merger A corporate body that formed the other corporate body by merging with one or more other corporate bodies.

mergee A corporate body that merged with the other corporate body to form a third.


Thanks for the help in explaining this, clearly I need more coffee,



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