My experience in OCLC with modifying AAPs has been mixed.  Sometimes the controlled forms don't get changed, but other times they do with varying lag times.


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I agree completely with Stephen, however I do want to point out that the OCLC controlling software often does not actually work and flip headings once an authority record is changed. I don't know the reason for this, but I regularly email OCLC quality control to let them know that headings have not flipped when they should have. 

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The most important thing in OCLC is to uncontrol the Watson headings from the wrong authority and control them with the right authority. As Michael notes, once the headings are controlled by the correct authority, any changes to that authority's 1XX will be picked up by the bib records.  In terms of practical beneficial effect, controlling headings with the right authority is more important than changing the authorized heading to something better.  


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I think the result should be 667 “Do not confuse with” notes in all the NARs that could be confused ;-) This might also be a case where 672 and 673 fields could come in handy…






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Dear collective wisdoms,


I believe a situation similar to the one I am about to describe was discussed previously on at least one of these lists (and I apologize for the cross posting), but I don’t remember what the resolution was (if there was one), and I think this may be a little different in several respects.


The author of the Stick Dog and Stick Cat children’s books is Watson, Tom (Children’s story writer) (NAR nb2014002382).  However, 58 records (if I did the arithmetic correctly) have incorrect headings for this author, either without a qualifier, or with the wrong dates (one record has “1949-“, all the others have “1962-“).


I contacted the Tom Watson who writes the children’s stories.  He gave me both a date of birth and a middle name.  He is not the Tom Watson born in 1949 or 1962 (he was born in 1965).


My problem with leaving the heading as it is, in addition to the preference for dates as the means of differentiation, is that the Tom Watson who writes children’s stories also did a number of other things that are unrelated to children’s stories, as the authority record makes clear, although it seems as if the children’s stories are the only things published, at least so far (books on speech writing are not his).  Also, since there are many headings that are simply incorrect anyway, there will be the need for cleanup locally and in OCLC no matter which way we go (only 21 additional records need be changed if I change the heading, and the authority record will take care of those in OCLC).






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