I don't believe there's any formal connection. ORCIDs can be added to NARs in field 024 (other identifiers):

024 7_ $a 0000-0002-6275-6909 $2 orcid

They can also be recorded in the form of a URI:

024 7_ $a $2 uri

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I'm not sure if there is an official relationship. Since an ORCID is essentially a specific type of ISNI, you can record an ORCID in an 024:

From the MARC standard:

024    7#$a0000000121491740$2isni

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Dear PCCLIST readers,

Can someone knowledgeable about ORCID please comment on its relationship, if any, to the NACO program?  Please reply preferably to PCCLIST.

Sincerely - Ian

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