The UC Santa Barbara Library is pleased to announce the conclusion of a 2+
year "Hidden Collections" grant from the Council on Library and Information
Resources (CLIR) to catalog a portion of the commercially issued ethnic and
foreign 78rpm discs in the library's collection. To date, over 18,000 78rpm
discs were cataloged with funding from CLIR and added to WorldCat and our
local library catalog. To browse what we've cataloged, you can use this

The discs were primarily from the Edouard Pecourt Collection, the Bruce
Bastin/Interstate Music collection, the Roberto Eyzaguirre collection, as
well as other recordings from Latin America, France, Spain, Africa, and

Since the grant, the library has also acquired the 78rpm collection of Don
Hill, a portion of Rainer Lotz's collection focusing on ethnic and
international discs, and the collection of Benno Haupl. Current cataloging
staff are cataloging these collections as well.

Discs from these collections that fit the parameters for inclusion in the
DAHR or the National Jukebox are being digitized for online access. Copies
of any discs can be requested through our catalog ( using your Special Collections Research
Account (

Please let me know if you have any questions or need assistance using our

David Seubert