Last weekend there was a re-enactment of World War 2 events at the
Watercress Lines - a heritage steam railway at Alton - Alresford just
west of London.

The re-enactors included 'jive' dancers, a Glenn Miller style US
Air-force Dance Band, and loads of members dressed up in military and
period 40s style especially the women.

There were a few 'spivs' aka marketeers / opportunists there. One had
a display of 2nd hand junk at Ropley Station. What caught my eye was a
5 inch shellac record disc (with what looked like a varnish coating
peeling off in layers at the back) but with a label on the front
clearly stating "War Time Voices." The actual recorded groove was on
the front near the outer edge about 3/4 inch wide. It was all well
scratched. However I told the guy about Irene and the LOC. He said he
had another at home. I wish now that I'd offered to buy these two.

They were obviously both booth recordings made by service men / women
&/or the public; like early tape recorders.

I wonder what the recordings would have been of; maybe war-time reminiscences?

Are these things commonplace? And are there collectors?

Chris B.