Ms. Schwartz --

Per your instructions I submitted materials for the ARCS competition in the
field of *Research in Recorded Jazz Music* on Nov 13 with additional data
submitted Dec 31, 2015.

I am disappointment to receive to date: no acknowledgement of submission,
no follow-up, nor announcement of the competition final outcome.

This is not in keeping with the several award competitions I have entered
(and have won) in related fields.  Generally, submissions are 1)
acknowledged and, 2) the results of the competition announced in timely
fashion by correspondence and public announcement.  Unless I've missed
somthing, your competition falls rather short in this regard, and the
process lacking common courtesy,

Please inform me where can I provide feedback to the relevant committees or
directors so that your organization may consider addressing these
shortcomings from the perspective of those submitting entries.  The process
I've experienced  is unsatisfactory, insulting and wholly inadequate.  I
don't think I would care to submit again without improvements.

Can you please provide follow-up and/or direct me to where further
information about the outcome of the competition may be found.  Short of
that, I find this event very poorly managed.

Thank you,

Dave Radlauer

hm# 510-848-8323
cell# 510-717-5240