Hi Benjamin.  Are you certain that you are not overloading the phono
preamp?  78's can generate surprisingly hot outputs from the cartridge.
The preamp we use has adjustable gain, and I routinely have to turn it down
when I transfer 78's.

I suppose you could just look at the waveform and determine if the
distortion is caused by clipping.


On Thu, Jun 30, 2016 at 1:45 PM, Paul Stamler <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> On 6/30/2016 3:20 PM, Benjamin Roth wrote:
>> I'm having a distortion problem with some 78s I'm transferring on a
>> Technics Quartz SL-1200 MK2.
>> The records are 10-inch 78s from an album - "Mildred Bailey with Red
>> Norvo and his Music".
>> The label is CROWN.  The records are in good condition BUT I can't find a
>> stylus that doesn't give a distorted sound.
>> The styli I've tried so far are Shure .0028 EDT, .0028 CTD, GE VRII and
>> Stanton 500 3.3 ET.
>> I have other styli, but can anyone make a suggestion.
> Grado 78 RPM cartridge w. elliptical stylus. If it doesn't come out clean
> with the Grado, It's probably worn beyond hope.
> Do you have a microscope you can use to inspect the grooves?
> Peace,
> Paul
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