On 6/29/2016 12:15 PM, Steven Smolian wrote:
> Hi, Richard,
> There is a new 3D process that, apparently, creates a mold into which a liquid is poured and then hardens.  Does this process sound familiar?
Hi, Steve,

It does not sound familiar.

I'm not certain I would call making a mold "new" but perhaps there is a 
new way of doing it?

One of the items in that article I linked to was cost...and effort level.

It sounds to me that those two factors plus resolution would be at issue.

At a 9-inch diameter, the stylus on a 78 r/m disc is moving at 21.7 
in/s. So a 10 kHz signal's wavelength would be about 2.2 mils 
(thousandths of an inch). Does this mold cutting apparatus have that 
kind of resolution -- into the sub-mil range? Since this is analog, I 
would think we'd need perhaps a resolution on the order 10x the 
wavelength -- I don't think the Shannon-Nyquist limit applies to this, 
but even if it does, we're talking still 1 mil or better resolution.



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