Hi Stewart,

If you are looking for a turntable to play 16" discs, I would suggest 
looking for a turntable that has a 16" platter (rare and expensive). 
Those that claim to be able to play a 16" disc can do so, but leave the 
outer edge of the disc unsupported and the amount of unsupported disc 
will vary with platter size. The problem I have with that situation is 
the resonance of the unsupported area of the disc. I have a Rek-O-Kut 
CVS 16 that has a 14" platter and my fix was to make a 16" aluminum disc 
that rests on the 14" platter. The tone arm is able to handle the extra 
height (barely) without a shim but the set-up is tedious and time 
consuming to get everything correct and within spec of the turntable 
which doesn't have the best specs to begin with.


Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

On 6/5/2016 7:26 AM, Stewart Adam wrote:
> Hello
> I'm planing to update my turntable and looking for suggestions.  I need a turntable the will play
> up to 16 inch disks and has a varispeed option from 16 rpm to 90 rpm.
> I have been looking at the Rec-O-Kut Rondine 3 as a possibility.  Another option is possibility is
> a Technics table.  I have been looking at using an SP15 with an aftermarket plinth and tone arm.
> I don't know if the SP15 can currently have the varispeed modified.  Overkill Audio
> ( is working on a mod but they don't have a date for release yet.
> If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.
> Thank you.
> Stewart