Forwarded from the DAT-Heads Facebook group:
Contact: Jonathan.haynes(at) if interested

"A friend of mine is trying to find a home for 3000 cartons of Oldtime Radio 
Broadcasts that he recorded on reels from the 50's to the 70's. Although 
much of the material is not unavailable elsewhere, his recordings contain 
commercials, news, and various period-specific ephemera. This is several 
tons of material in 3,000 12X12X12 boxes. Here's the details in his words:

Most of the cartons are 12×12×12 inch cardboard cubes. About 3000 of
them contain tapes.

The tapes themselves are mostly 7-inch reels of ¼ inch polyester (mylar) and
acetate tapes. There are a few paper-base tape. Some 10½-inch with 
small-hole reels, some metal reels with NAB hubs. A few of the 7-inch reels
no longer have individual boxes, because the cardboard 'melted' in the 
Thus, the cue-sheets for some of these tapes were destroyed and I have no
idea what is on these particular tapes. I know that a batch of "Superman"
adventures are okay, but I don't know what chapters are on which tapes.

Most of these tapes are recorded at 3-3/4 ips quarter track (that is four
tracks with different programs on each track) totaling 12 half-hour programs
on each reel, or 6 hours of recorded material per tape.

Most of the tapes contain the same series, such as Fibber McGee, or Jack 
or Suspense, or Johnny Dollar, and so forth. Some of the tapes have a 
of different programs, such as Inner Sanctum, Smilin' Ed, Gunsmoke, X-Minus 
and so forth all on the same reel.

A number of tapes are recorded Full Track at 7½ inches per second.
Some tapes are recorded Half Track Stereo at 7½ inches per second.

Since all Old Time Radio Programs were broadcast in monaural, most of the
tapes are recorded in monaural. Starting in the 1970's there were some
drama programs were broadcast on FM in stereo mode, so I recorded these
later shows (no longer 'old time' radio) in stereo. These are programs like
"Mutual Radio Theatre" and "Theatre Five".
Those shows contain station breaks,
local and network newscasts, and commercials of the day (circa 1950's).
I will give away the CARTONS of TAPES. No pick-and-choose. Take them
all and sort them at another time and place. Pick-up only. A 7-inch reel 
about one pound. 10,000 tapes weigh about 5 Tons. Note: at 12 programs per
tape, that would be approximately 100,000 programs.

There are also a few cartons of unrecorded tape. These are both 7" and 10½"
reels. Most of the 7" blank tapes do not have individual white boxes.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention: Most of the tapes are 1800 foot reels. There 
a few 1200, 2400, and 3600 foot reels. There are also some 5" 600 foot 
I believe the "Complete Day of Broadcasting" is on a 7200 foot reel.

Please drop me a note if you are near Streamwood, IL and want a swing at 
this material. I have a feeling he may amend his "no pick and choose" policy 
if you show up and take stuff. "