Dear Colleagues,

I'm a young librarian of a Hungarian university library, and my MA-degree thesis is about the BIBFRAME. I have a question about the publishing data. In the 1.0 version it looked like this:

bf:providerStatement "London : Bloomsbury, 2003." ;
:publication [ a bf:Provider ;
:providerDate "2003" ;
:providerName [ a bf:Organization ;
:label "Bloomsbury" ] ;
:providerPlace [ a bf:Place ;
:label "London " ] ] ;

In the example above, every data element has its own property. But now, in the 2.0 there's only one class (ProvisionActivity, and, all right, its subclasses too) and one property (provisionActivity) to express at least three different data elements. Do I understand it right? Even the MARC separates the publication statement into three...
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