Sorry, I meant rdfs:label.


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So is rdfs:value.  The question is:  what is the “appropriate” difference between the two?



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It's the value of the resource to which it's attached.


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bf:identifiedBy [ a bf:Isbn

rdf:value “9783110413014” ] .

Example 2

bf:identifiedBy [ a identifier:ABC ;

rdf:value “MX3-387” ] .

Example 3

bf:identifiedBy [ a bf:Identifier ;

bf:source “xyz” ;

rdf:value “1234567890” ] .


There is an ISBN, and its value is 9783...

There is an ABC identifier, and its value is MX3-387

There is an untyped identifier from source system xyz, and it's value is 123...





Example 3

bf:baseMaterial [

bf:code [ rdf:value “o” ;

bf:source [rdf:value “marc007ng04” ] ] ;

bf:note [ a bf:Note ;

rdfs:label “Image printed on thick gold paper.” ] ] .


There is an untyped resource, which one imagines is a Code, with value "o".

There is an untyped resource, which is some sort of Source, with value "marc007..."





Example (truncated)


bf:shelfMarkLcc [rdf:value “LB2395.C65 1991” ] ;

bf:usageAndAccessPolicy [

a bf:AccessPolicy ;

rdf:value “unrestricted” ] .


There is an LCC, and its value is LB...

There is a Policy and its value is "unrestricted"   

Note -- this use is not very machine friendly. A better model would have identifiable policies, with their own URIs.







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