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*Journal of Library Metadata*

*Call for Proposals: Special Issue of Journal of Library Metadata “**Six
Years after RDA-What Have Libraries Achieved toward Linked Data and
Semantic Web?**”*

*Guest Editors: Sharon Q. Yang and Kenneth Kauffman, Rider University*

The Journal of Library Metadata calls for article proposals for its special
issue to be published in December 2016. Please submit an article proposal
by June 30th, 2016 with no more than 500 words. The theme of the issue is
“Six years after RDA-What Have Libraries Achieved toward Linked Data and
Semantic Web?”

It has been six years since RDA was released in 2010. Libraries have
developed clear visions about future cataloging and metadata creation. Our
goals include joining the Linked Data community, releasing bibliographic
data on the Internet so major search engines such as Google and Yahoo can
search library holdings. This special issue is devoted to the latest
progress, achievements, and obstacles encountered in cataloging and
metadata management, specifically in music cataloging. The topics may
include, but are not limited to, BIBFRAME implementation and test drive
(experience, achievements, obstacles, future outlook, suggested
improvements), other Library of Congress initiatives and programs, any
issues in RDA music cataloging, any projects in metadata and cataloging,
predictions about the future. Even if you are working on BIBFRAME or any
Linked Data projects on a small scale, we invite you to share your
experience and insights.


Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit a proposal
(approximately 500 words) including a problem statement, problem
significance, objectives, methodology, and conclusions (or tentative
conclusions for work in progress). The proposal should also include
author’s name, professional affiliation, and e-mail address. Only
unpublished, original work will be considered. Proposals must be received
by June 30, 2016. Full manuscripts (4000-7000 words) are expected to be
submitted by September 5, 2016. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed
on a double-blind review basis. Please forward inquiries and proposal
submissions electronically to the guest editors at [log in to unmask] and
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