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LITA/ALCTS Authority Control Interest Group will meet in the Hyatt Regency Orlando, Florida Ballroom C, from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, Sunday June 26. The meeting will include the following four presentations:


Authority Toolkit Update / Gary Strawn, Northwestern University Libraries Gary will demonstrate features recently added to the Authority Toolkit, including the ingestion of data from VIAF, changes to the model used to present information from other web-accessible resources (Wikipedia, GeoNames, etc.), the ability to derive a new authority record from an existing authority record, moving a URL from 670 $a to $u, and the conversion of decimal coordinates to degrees, minutes and seconds. Participants are urged to familiarize themselves with the toolkit's capabilities by reading the documentation available at, and to come prepared with examples and questions.

Identity Management in a Linked Data Cataloging Workflow / Philip E. Schreur, Stanford University Linked Data for Production (LD4P) is a collaboration between six institutions (Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Library of Congress, Princeton, and Stanford) to begin the transition of technical services production workflows to ones based in Linked Open Data (LOD).  As part of its institutional projects, Stanford will be looking at four key production workflows and redefining them as tracer bullets, working through all aspects of the production cycle.  Key to all four workflows will be identifier management as all access points will need an identifier whether or not they have an authority record.  How best should we discover, assign and reconcile identifiers in the copy-cataloging process? How best should we create new identifiers in the original cataloging process?  What implications are there for membership in the Program for Cooperative Cataloging if we no longer create traditional authority records?  We are only at the beginning of our thought process but these issues and more will need to be resolved over the two-year duration of the grant. 


Incorporating the Library of Congress literature, general and music lcgft terms into the authorities’ database of your local ILS / Rosemary Groenwald, Mount Prospect Public Library, Mary Mastraccio, MARCIVE, Inc.

During the period from late 2014 through 2015, the Library of Congress released almost 2,000 new lcgft terms. These new genre/form terms are in the literature, general, and music disciplines. The cataloging community has waited a long time for LC’s creation of lcgft terms in these areas. Many, many catalogers have welcomed the creation of these new authority terms and have either already implemented their use in their local ILS catalogs, or are planning to do so. However, not all ILS 's are equipped to handle the addition of these new authority terms in the same way, and some are better than others when it comes to global changes that the adoption of these terms requires.

This presentation will focus on 1) the logistics of implementing the new lcgft authority terms and include the experience of one of the presenters with incorporating the new lcgft terms into a SirisiDynix Horizon ILS as well as offer some tips and tricks for the process, 2) discuss how MARCIVE, an authorities vendor, has handled disseminating these authority records to their customers and associated issues with using these authority records in local systems, and 3) share a spreadsheet prepared by the presenters and another member of a working group of the SAC-Genre Form Implementation Subcommittee that maps many of the lcgft terms to LCSH subdivisions or to various fixed fields in a MARC record.


Cynthia Whitacre, Manager, WorldCat Quality, OCLC (On behalf of Becky Dean, Senior Product Analyst, OCLC) will present on OCLC’s current implementation and future plans for extending controlling of headings in WorldCat bibliographic records to authority files beyond the LC Name Authority file and LC Subject Headings.  OCLC’s long term strategy for incorporating global authority files and how this differs from VIAF will be discussed. 


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