We have attempted to interlibrary loan these articles several times to no avail. 

I have e-mailed the authors, also to no avail.

Pemberton, C. (2011). How to... build resilience. Coaching at Work, 6(3), 54-55.
Author response:  I sent your request to Coaching at Work.  
I had already attempted to retrieve the article from their site and could not.

Smeed, M. (2013). How to build resilience. HR Magazine (MA Business & Leisure), 49.   (EBSCO database has no Vol, Issue listed.)
Author response:  I can't locate it, but would you like want some other of my articles on resilience?

Crush, P. (2013). Bounce back. HR Magazine (MA Business & Leisure), 46-48.
Author response:  You know I've moved off that topic and am writing about employee benefits now.

Would anyone have these and be able to provide the articles?

Thanking you in advance.


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