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A Community of Practice since 1992


The Grey Literature Network Service was founded in 1992 and has developed into an international network capable of serving various sectors of government, academics, business and industry as well as subject based communities producing, processing, distributing, and preserving grey literature. GreyNet’s mission is dedicated to research, publication, open access, education, and public awareness to this field of information. It is a prime example of a Community of Practice (CoP) and provides here a up-to-date overview of its operations http://www.greynet.org/home/aboutgreynet.html.


GreyNet International

Grey Literature Network Service

Javastraat 194-HS

1095 CP Amsterdam



T/F +31-(0)20 331 2420

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Url: http://www.greynet.org
Web Access Portal: http://greyguide.isti.cnr.it/