Butch - Thanks for the meeting notes from last week. I am anxious to test the portal and republish my maps and applications as soon as I have the new SDE connection files installed. Since I can't test currently, From your notes you mention that the system configuration issues addressed by Esri should have fixed the issues with the portal. Have these issue fixes been verified?  Specifically:
1. The Story Map template popup banner is whited-out, can't see "1 of 3" items selected text.
2. The Basic Map template popup banner is partially cut off.
3. In applications, layers sometimes do not render. 

As it is now June, I am anxious to complete the High School Graduation Rates map application and move it to the Congressional Portal for final report publication. 



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Attached are the notes from today's GHE user's meeting. They are long, as they include detailed updates on each of the issues the GHE has been addressing over the past month. 

Feel free to share with any interested parties and get in touch if you have further questions. 


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