An update on the status of the GHE. 

We are on the verge of getting the end-to-end solution working to push content to the Congressional Portal. 

As you may recall, due to issues with implementing authentication with Python, we moved to application development in Powershell and Visual Studio in order to create an automated tool to seamlessly move content from the Staff Portal to the Congressional Portal. 

The tool-building was delayed by software acquisition and a Change Control Board request to open a particular port in the Firewall. 

As part of this process we discovered the "token" method we had been using to encode Staff Portal permissions in the Web Application templates was also affected by the GAO audit changes. 

To make a long story short, we have now completed the tool-building process and found a solution to the Web Application template issue and are testing the end-to-end deployment later today. 

Assuming that the test is positive, we should be able to deploy the "move to Congressional Portal" tool later today or tomorrow. 

Thanks for your patience and support,


Butch Lazorchak
IT Project Manager
Geospatial Hosting Environment project
Library of Congress
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