Key notes from yesterday’s FGDC Steering Committee meeting:



NOTES  - FGDC Steering Committee Meeting 06/16/17

Meeting Location:  Department of Transportation


Jennifer Gimbel, Chair, FGDC Steering Committee announced her resignation from the Committee; Camille Touton will serve as acting Chairman


FGDC Current Activity Highlights (Ivan DeLoatch, Executive Secretary FGDC)

·         Upcoming NGAC paper on the NSDI initiative and Dashboard (

·         NSDI survey - goal is to develop the implementation plan by the end of year 2016

·         Coalition of Geospatial Organizations (COGO) – focus on “Data Acquisitions as a Service”

o   Multi-agency use contracts supporting data acquisition services

o   Prototype Geoplatform page is currently in development

o   Will include enhanced Marketplace capabilities (currently, three contracts are available)

Votes were cast to renaming Biota Theme to Biodiversity and Ecosystems


Updates on NSDI National Address data theme (co-led by DOT and Census) – developing a National Address data set

National Geospatial Advisory Committee (NGAC) Report (Julie-Sweetkind Singer, Chair)

·         Focused discussions held on NSDI Framework/Transition plan (see meeting notes:

·         David Rumsey Map Center Grand Opening event at Stanford University mentioned (

Geodetic Control NGDA Theme Report (Dan Roman, NOAA)

·         Passive geodetic control data set (horizontal datum) will be superseded in 2022

Geospatial Platform Report (Jerry Johnston, DOI)

·         Moving capability into shared infrastructure – have several shared geospatial data acquisition contracts across FGDC agencies:  USGS, NOAA, USACE (

·         New prototype dashboard:  Geoplatform (

·         Improved capability to harvest metadata

Open Water Data Initiative Report (Vicki Lukas, USGS)

·         Open Water Data Initiative – purpose is “integrate currently fragmented water information into a connected, national water data framework infrastructure and tools to underpin innovation, modeling, data sharing, and solution development” (

·         Water Quality Portal – cooperative service (USGS, EPA, NWQMC) provides access to data collected from state, federal, tribal, and local agencies (

3D Elevation Program (3DEP) Report (Vicki Lukas, USGS)

·         3DEP is a partnership program; utilized data from interested agencies (National Enhanced Elevation Assessment) to design program (

·         Partnering (Broad Agency Announcement 2015) with other federal agencies to acquire high quality 3D elevation data, including Lidar (