We’ve discovered that we are rapidly filling the \\ghearc directory and need to move the content to a new storage array.


This has actually been in the planning stages for a while, but has not been executed due to some issues.


It is possible that we can make this move this weekend, which would give the \\ghearc ample storage space for a good while.


I’m checking to see if any of you have any maps\services\etc. based on content in the \\ghearc that would be effected by a storage move this weekend.


The main issue is that the “path names” (UNC’s) of the data will change after the move. This will affect any services you have based on those items.


Please drop me a note ASAP to let me know how this change might affect your work.


Butch Lazorchak

IT Project Manager

Geospatial Hosting Environment Project

Library of Congress

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