I would edit the NAR to describe only the actor. For the more "fluid" sources like Wikipedia and IMDb I would cite the current versions of the pages.  (Both sources now have separate pages for the actor and the screenwriter.)  There is a NY Times obituary for the actor from Jan. 1993; it's good to have a contemporaneous source.  The birth date also has to be corrected to 1910.

Then you can create a new NAR for the screenwriter.

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NAR n  85327165 is the authority record for Waring, Richard, 1914-1994.  This is the British born American actor.  On this authority record, however, he has been confused with the British television script writer Richard Waring, who was born in 1925 and died in 1994.


The confusion may in part have been in the sources.  The Wikipedia citation (fifth 670) in the authority record gives Dec. 5, 1994 as the date of death of the actor, but currently gives Jan. 18, 1993 as the his date of death.  Dec. 5, 1994 seems to be the date of death of the script writer.


This confusion seems to be found in other 670s.  The fourth 670 has the correct dates of birth and death for the script writer, as well as the correct birth name, but the wrong place of death (the script writer died in London).


There is at least one English-language record in OCLC which should be attributed to the script writer (#883802971).


So, my questions:


Which 670’s should be left in for the actor, and which removed?  And since 1994 is almost certainly the date of death only of the script writer, shouldn’t the date of death of the actor be changed to 1993?


Should NAR n  85327165 be left as the authority record for the actor (as was intended), or should it be treated as an undifferentiated name authority record, and we should start over with two new records?


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