It looks like OCLC fixed the records over the weekend.


Thank you!


Ted Gemberling

UAB Lister Hill Library


From: Ted P Gemberling
Sent: Friday, June 10, 2016 6:20 PM
To: Program for Cooperative Cataloging ([log in to unmask])
Subject: Incorrect MeSH heading on CONSER records


For the second time in a couple of years, I’ve noticed we’ve received records from our serials vendor, Serials Solutions, with the MeSH (650 _2) heading Laboratory Techniques and Procedures. That is not a correct MeSH heading. It should be Clinical Laboratory Techniques. I talked to a coworker who loads Serials Solutions records and asked if I should write the company about this, and she said they’re not the ones who assign the MeSH. The records appear to be CONSER, and they use whatever headings the CONSER library has put on.  An example is LC #77646849 for Archives of pathology & laboratory medicine, OCLC #2300010. Here are some others:


OCLC     9171046

“             1554929

“             38843522

“             16360620

“             6829971

“             1151594

“             8463683

“             22418103

“             46726573

“             13352973

“             41392181

“             70276361

“             77079049

“             66901338

“             423067597 (has both the correct and incorrect heading)

“             693569184

“             741352199 (has both the correct and incorrect heading, the incorrect as “primary” and the correct as “secondary”)

“             2864670

“             31422995

“             1716105

“             50010398

“             42776221

“             64768952

“             950341474

“             502464421 (has both headings, the correct as “primary”)

“             175199374


Here are some with Laboratory Techniques and Procedures with subdivisions:


OCLC     303060769

“             1791816

“             5052569

“             4963928

“             5118950

“             18477067

“             60615917


The subdivisions can equally well be placed following the correct heading, Clinical Laboratory Techniques.


Those are probably only a tiny subset of all the OCLC records with the incorrect heading.


I cannot revise those records since I am not  a CONSER cataloger. I can fix them in my own catalog, but I’m guessing that if they’re not corrected on OCLC, the incorrect forms will get reloaded on my catalog any time there’s some other kind of revision to the CONSER records.


I hope someone will fix this problem and keep a look out for incorrect MeSH. Here is where you can check MeSH headings:



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