We are not trained for editing series authorities, and we are moving to vendor processing with LC SARs, so reviewing our local notes.


I am hoping that one of the PCC sites who edit series records could look into this problem:


If you search CBC Massey lectures series in VIAF, you will see the Library and Archives Canada record for the series, which has


641   a  Do not use year of lecture as numbering. Do not number series by ordinal sequence (1st, 2nd, 3rd series, etc.).


In the NAF, CBC Massey lectures series appears as 430s on 2 different SARs.


The earlier 010 n 86800880 has numbering as 23rd ser., however this data was supplied in the bib record, and almost all series entries lack numbering in OCLC; one or 2 have supplied year of lecture.


Would anyone be able to investigate, then update the SARs in the NAF? I could then fix the OCLC records accordingly; these sometimes have 2 series statements due to the 430s being identical on 2 different SARs.


Regards, Karen


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