Rather than responding to any specific email, I wanted to respond to the thread as a whole.  I really appreciated all the comments.

The title in question is Puerto Rico's future entertainment economy ((OCoLC)952049066), which proposes developing the entertainment industry as a means of bolstering Puerto Rico's economy.  Currently, the record has the headings "Performing arts" and "Entertainment events" each subdivided by "$x Economic aspects $z Puerto Rico" (as well as the heading "Puerto Rico $x Economic conditions $y 21st century).  But I suspect that the first two headings are not the headings people are likely to think of.

It troubles me somewhat that we do not add a heading because of maintenance issues.  Are we supposed to go back, any time we establish a new heading, and add that heading to all records to which it may apply?  That seems an impossible task.  James Weinheimer warns us of difficulties of not doing this, and I agree, but if maintenance were the only consideration, we might never establish new headings at all.  And, if cross references were appropriately handled on the various authority records, they should help to alleviate the problem considerably.  And, of course, the heading could be added on encountering a record on which it would be appropriate.

I'm not sure how you would identify all bibliographic records needing this subject heading.  I did try a search on "entertainment industry" (with quotes) as a keyword in LC's online catalog, and retrieved 235 records, not all of which would need this subject.  Doing a subject search on "Performing arts $x Management" retrieved about 30 records, but none would seem to need this subject.  A subject search on "Performing arts" shows 36 records, many of which, again, would not seem to need maintenance.  But it is true that all records would have to be looked at individually.

We do already have "Home entertainment industry" and "Internet entertainment industry," as well as "Recreation industry" and "Motion picture industry," as well as, of course, "Performing arts."

Any further thoughts?

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