Hi, Carla,

The reference I have used for years is:

I bought a one-piece 3-axis meter for about $150 from these folks about 
a decade and a half ago.

This looks like a good choice at $150

XYZ Axis EMF Tester (Cat. #A194)

However, the unit I have I think goes out to higher harmonics which 
might be interesting with large three-phase power installations, so 
another choice on the same page for $269, but it may be overly sensitive 
and not be able to measure higher strength fields discussed in the paper.

3-Axis Backlight Gaussmeter (Cat. #A107)

For $300 it looks as if this might be closest to what I had and found 
most useful.

Switchable 1:3 Axis Gaussmeter (Cat. #A153)

Though for $200 you can get this:

Datalogging 3-Axis Gaussmeter w/ PC (Cat. #A494)



On 7/18/2016 9:59 AM, Carla Arton wrote:
> Hello all,
> Our processing area is being temporarily relocated next to some breaker
> boxes and I wanted to make sure there wasn't a magnetic field from those or
> other things in the work space that could affect any video or magnetic
> audio we are processing.
> What is the threshold we should be concerned about if we were to get a
> magnetometer out there to test the space? A link to a resource about this
> topic would be greatly appreciated as well.
> Thank you in advance,
> Carla
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