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Servicing a consumer portable recorder that is 50 years old is a challenge.

Some things to consider about tape recorders from that era:

(1) All of the components are againg and some/many are difficult to obtain.

(2) Recorders of that era almost invariably recorded better than they 
played back.

(3) There are some failure modes that can end up irreparably damaging 
the magnetic record on your tapes.

(4) There are some failure modes that can physically damage the tape.

If you value these tapes and you think their contents are of value and 
that they might have been well recorded, I would suggest either 
obtaining a better machine to play them back or asking someone to 
digitize them who is in the business.

This is a difficult "catch 22" if you wish to play the tapes on the old 
machine to determine which tapes are worthy of professional transfer, 
the sound may be degraded by that selection process on the old machine.

I will admit to being in the business of doing such professional 
transfers, but there are many on this list who might be able to assist you.



On 7/19/2016 4:01 PM, Mary Jean Collins wrote:
> Hello:
> I have a Roberts 6000, reel-to-reel portable tape recorder.  It is not
> working properly.  I have many tapes that are close to 50 years old that I
> want to play.  I live in Washington DC.  anyone on list who can help me out?
> List was recommended by someone at LOC
> Thanks,
> Mary Jean Collins
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