Hi everyone,

BF1.0 included two properties that don't exist in 2.0 that I am
curious about.  bf:authorityAssigner was a rdf:Property that connected
a bf:Authority to the bf:Agent who had done the work of assigning that
authority.  bf:referenceAuthority was a rdf:Property that connected a
bf:Authority to some other information about the authority -- my
understanding was that this refers to some secondary authority.

So as I wrap my mind around BF 2.0, I am trying to put together an
example that expresses the following:
1) That an author of an article is represented in both LCNAF and ISNI.
2) That I used an author's homepage as a reference to verify the match.
3) That the authority matching work was done by Linn-Benton Community College.

How would I do this in BF 2.0?  I took a bit of a stab at this below.



@prefix bf: <>
@prefix isni: <>
@prefix lcnaf: <>
@prefix rel: <>

_:article a bf:Work;
    bf:contributor _:author .

_:author a bf:Contribution;
    bf:role rel:aut ;
    bf:agent lcnaf:no2013089082 .

lcnaf:no2013089082 rdfs:label "Lilley, Spencer, 1963-" ;
    owl:sameAs isni:0000000418419694 ;
<> .

Jane Sandberg
Electronic Resources Librarian
Linn-Benton Community College
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