A lot of inquiries we receive pertain to the history of EROS (Earth
Resources Observation and Science), new USGS web site that may be of
interest :

USGS EROS History Project:


Welcome to the EROS History Project

The EROS History Project set out to preserve as much historical information
on EROS as possible, dating as far back as 1966.  The web site was
developed to enable the sharing of these historical documents (text
reports, still pictures, and videos). While a significant amount of
information exists on the site now, we will continually add to the site as
we discover and preserve more and more history.  The site is organized by
decade followed by tabs containing Documents or Videos.  Individual decades
may have additional categories such as Newsletters, Reports or
Anniversaries.  Pictures utilize a gallery approach.

1970's :

1980's :

1990's :

2000's :

2010's :


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