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10 BMI Views That Could Challenge Your Current Thinking

BMI’s unique methodology - which assesses the impact of key industry drivers alongside macroeconomic indicators, rising political risks, business environment changes, financial market influences and latest company news - provides you with the strongest and most reliable view of the outlook for your markets.

Here are 10 BMI Views that could challenge your current thinking, highlight new opportunities and alert you to the risks on the horizon:

1.     Middle East e-Commerce: A Market In Transition

BMI View : In many respects, the Middle East is a market in transition. This includes the e-Commerce sector, which is only beginning to come into its own as the region's economies look to diversify away from petrochemicals to more sustainable industries....Read more

2.     Brexit Scenarios: Power And Renewables

Ahead of the referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union (EU) on June 23, our core scenario is that the UK will vote to remain in the EU - and we assign a 65% probability to this outcome....Read more

3.     Global Port Outlook: Investment Robust Despite Economic Headwinds

BMI View: Greenfield port projects will proliferate in emerging markets, with those on strategic trade routes or close to growing consumer hubs attracting the attention of international investors....Read more

4.     Smart Cities To Disrupt Traditional Infrastructure Sector

BMI View: Plans for smart cities across Asia will drive changes to the traditional infrastructure business model - creating opportunities for IoT providers, app operators and infrastructure operators who can leverage technological expertise to gain a...Read more

5.     IoT: The Next Phase Of The Infrastructure Evolution

BMI View: The IoT will increasingly permeate all phases of infrastructure development - radically changing the design phase, creating efficiencies at the construction stage and ultimately altering the way that traditional companies operate infrastructure....Read more

6.     Iran After Sanctions: Longer To Wait Before Investment Boom

BMI View : Investment into Iran faces numerous impediments even five months after the removal of most sanctions on the economy....Read more

7.     Market Access Strategies Are Key To Drugmaker Investment Sustainability

BMI View : The Middle East and North Africa's pharmaceutical markets will come under increasing pressure that will provide challenges for multinational drugmakers....Read more

8.     Mobile, Telco Partnerships And Infrastructure Focus Key To e-Commerce Success

BMI View: Their large, increasingly affluent consumer bases and fast-growing premium retail markets mark out Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania as the most promising markets for e-Commerce in Africa....Read more

9.     Infrastructure Mid-Year Update: Key Themes For 2016

At the mid-way point in the year, we are assessing the performance of our key themes for 2016 as outlined in December 2015 ( see, 'Five Key Themes For 2016: Infrastructure', December 10 2015)....Read more

10.   Finding & Development Spending Growth Set To Slow

BMI View: A capex pullback in the global oil and gas sector will be in part offset by slowing growth in capital requirements for F&D....Read more

Although the articles above play a large role in what we do, it's not all we do. If you'd like to learn more about our unique approach to analysing global markets, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can pose a question to one of our analysts, or receive a free demonstration of our online service

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