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Dear NTRL Newsletter Subscriber,


The July 2016 issue of the National Technical Reports Newsletter may be viewed online at http://www.ntis.gov/assets/pdf/NTRNews9-1.pdf.


This issue features a sampling of new and historic information available from NTIS via the NTRL website related to the topic of Deepwater Horizon (Revisited).


The NTRL provides access to the NTIS content collection.  It provides public access to the over  3 million records, of which nearly 900K full-text reports are publicly available. The NTRL is updated each week with newly acquired information, and recently digitized existing content. It is the most convenient and economical means of accessing the most comprehensive library of federally produced scientific and technical information available today.



Thank you,



Gregory G. Guthrie

Program Manager

National Technical Reports Library

National Technical Information Service

US Department of Commerce


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