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The Department of Energy (DOE) conducts more than $11 billion a year in research and development (R&D), and DOE’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) maximizes the reach and impact of these investments, both through its own search tools and through other commonly used search engines.  http://www.osti.gov/  We hope this newsletter provides useful information about OSTI’s activities and the resources we’re providing to the public and the scientific community.  We welcome your feedback on this newsletter and our efforts to provide access to DOE’s R&D results.  


OSTI.gov Newsletter

July/August 2016 Issue Contents


DOE PAGESBeta: DOE’s Public Access Portal Is Two Years Old and Growing


The web-based portal that makes scholarly scientific publications resulting from DOE research funding publicly accessible is marking its second anniversary in August.  Developed and maintained by OSTI, DOE PAGESBeta offers free access to the best available full-text version of DOE-affiliated scholarly publications – either the peer-reviewed, accepted manuscript or the published article – after an administrative interval of 12 months. 


2016 DOE STIP Working Meeting


The 2016 DOE Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP) Working Meeting was held at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory April 11-13.  Led and coordinated by OSTI, the DOE STIP is a complex-wide collaboration that works to ensure that the results of DOE-funded R&D are collected, preserved, and disseminated. 


OSTI Convenes DOE Data ID Service Workshop


On April 14, following the 2016 DOE STIP Working Meeting, OSTI held the first-ever one-day DOE Data ID Service workshop to gain a better understanding of the data needs of researchers and thereby help make the DOE Data ID Service and DOE Data Explorer more useful and integrated to meet those needs.


Statistically Speaking: Additional Digital Object Identifiers Increase Full-Text Availability in SciTech Connect

OSTI recently completed a project resulting in nearly 500,000 digital object identifiers being added to journal records in the OSTI collections. 


What Is A Technical Report?


Technical reports are important sources of scientific and technical information derived from research projects sponsored by DOE; technical reports submitted to OSTI that are publicly releasable are available via SciTech Connect.


Search Tip: Locating Snippets of ScienceCinema Videos


In ScienceCinema, users are able to search the full transcripts of videos, just as they might search full-text documents in OSTI’s other products. 


Meet Lynn Davis


Lynn Davis serves in the OSTI Office of Access and Operations as product manager for the National Library of EnergyBeta and DOE R&D Accomplishments and co-product manager of Science.gov.


Retiree Tribute: Pat Kerns


Pat Kerns spent the last 13 years of her 32-year federal career at OSTI in document management and project and program development.


Most Viewed Documents from All OSTI Search Tools by Subject Category

Access the most viewed documents in your field of interest.


In the OSTI Collections: Solitons


The mathematical theory of solitons can be applied to fluid mechanics, fiber optics, magnets, plasmas, atmospheric waves, superconductivity, and even tsunamis. 


The Latest from OSTIblog

OSTIblog features the technology, services, people, and policies that are crucial to OSTI’s role in increasing accessibility of DOE-sponsored research.




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