Dear Colleagues,

I received a list of ILL requests from one of our engineers.  He asked for
a Gas Research Institute publication and a number of Society of Petroleum
Engineers papers.  I've been able to locate some of these papers, but some
of them are "stubborn."  These conference papers aren't widely held, and
some are not available via OCLC and/or available in the USA.  I'm hoping
that someone can provide them.

Meeks, M.H., K.D. Susewind, and T.L. Templeman.  2006.  "Maximizing Gas
Recovery from Tight Gas Reservoirs in Trawick Field."  Abu Dhabi
International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference : conference proceedings :
3-6 November, 2008.  ISBN 978-1-55563-173-4

Arukhe, J.O.I., R. Aguilera, and T.G. Harding.  2009.  "Solutions for
Better Production in Tight Gas Reservoirs Through Hydraulic Fracturing
" SPE Western Regional Meeting, 24-26 March, San Jose, CA.  ISBN

Farid, K., K. Bhatti, J. Dassinger, B. Fudickar, C. Fuge, K. Gartrell, E.L.
Kristensen, H. Kuzma, S. McLaughlin, and D. Nicholls.  2014.  "Production
Data Management and Surveillance in Shale Operations."  SPE Intelligent
Energy Conference & Exhibition, 1-3 April, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Khlaifat, A., H. Qutob, and N. Barakat.  2010.  SPE/PAGG Annual Technical
Conference.  10-11 November, Islamabad, Pakiston.  978-1-61399-011-7

Gas Research Institute.  Produced Water Management Handbook.   2003(?)
 GRI-03/0016.  Des Plaines, IL: Gas Research Institute.



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