Hi everyone,


The National Science Foundation’s library is interested to learn about services provided by other government libraries. Aside from the usual services (i.e., reference, cataloging, interlibrary loan, and acquisitions), what services or technologies do you make available?  For example:


1.       What services are in high demand in your library?

2.       Have you tried providing “outside the box” services?  If so, what were they and how were they received?

3.       Have you implemented any new platforms or technologies that have made a positive impact for your library?

4.       Have you tried providing services straight from your agency website?  Q: Are you referring to daily/weekly newswires? Or ILS?

5.       How many librarians does your library employ and how many are federal vs. contractors?

6.       What hasn’t worked for you (and why it didn’t work)?


We are also interested to see brochures from other libraries, as we are looking to update ours to include a list of our services. 




Brock Temanson


National Science Foundation-Library

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