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Nellie S. C. Moffitt, MSLS
Navy General Library Program Manager
716 Sicard St.  SE  #1000
Washington Navy Yard, DC  20374
*202-433-9802  (DSN 312-288-9802)
*850-450-7243  (cell)
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Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2016 1:18 PM
Subject: OPM Announcement Open for RPA 680713 Supervisory Librarian (Acquisitions) 'GS-1410-12 U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 1751120


The announcement for the subject vacancy is now open on USAJOBS for 5 business days. The vacancy announcement number is: AFPC-1751120-680713-OPM. You may also view it here:



Attention: AFPC,

Please update Event History


Start Date: 07/13/16

End Date: 07/20/16

Announcement Number: AFPC-1751120-680713-OPM

Thank you!


Christina Ybarra

HR Consultant

San Antonio Services Branch


8610 Broadway, Suite 305 | San Antonio, TX 78217

P: 202-422-7256| F: 210-805-2407

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