NLS Operations Alert No. 16-64

DATE                     :               July 6, 2016
TO                          :               Network Libraries
FROM                   :               Meredith Beckhardt, Head, Reference Section
SUBJECT               :               New passwords for network library website

In order to comply with new Library of Congress security measures for automated systems, NLS will be reassigning passwords used to gain access to the Network Library Services web portal (aka PICS).  In addition, NLS will need a list of authorized staff that may be granted access, as determined by library management. This includes all regional and subregional libraries and advisory and outreach centers.

As background, each NLS cooperating network library currently has two accounts/user IDs: an administration account and a read-only account. Using Alaska as an example, your user ID names resemble the following format:

*             ak1aadmin (admin account typically used by network library directors or staff editing copy allotment figures)
*             ak1a (read-only account for library staff)

These are shared accounts, meaning that more than one person is able to use the same user ID and password. NLS has obtained a waiver, even in our increasingly strict security environment, to maintain this convenient privilege of having shared accounts.  However, for this to be successful, NLS needs to submit a definitive list of authorized users to the Library of Congress Information Technology Services.

The revised security measures require that each network library director choose an account administrator to be responsible for managing a current list of authorized library staff users; this is generally the network library director or another supervisor with the proper authority to designate which staff members are authorized to access an administrator or read-only PICS account.

To initiate this process, each library account administrator must send Meredith Beckhardt an email by July 15, 2016, with the following information:

1.            Your library ID (e.g. AK1A).
2.            The names and email addresses of all authorized users that will be given the new passwords in order to access either the network library's administrative account or the read-only account.
3.            An acknowledgment from the library account administrator that it is his/her responsibility to maintain this list and to continually inform NLS of any new or deleted names.


Mary Smith, manager of XX1A, accepts responsibility for maintaining the authorized list and notifying NLS of changes. Attached is my current list of those who can access the XX1Aadmin account and the XX1A read-only account ..."

Once your information is received, the library account administrator will receive an email from Nick Nobbe ([log in to unmask]) with the details of your user IDs and new passwords. The NLS Automation Office plans to mail out the new passwords in weekly batches starting in July.

Thank you for your cooperation.

For more information contact:
Meredith Beckhardt
Head, Reference Section
[log in to unmask]